Planning for One Off Houses:

We provide our clients with expert advice on all matters relating to the planning process and we have a very high success rate with planning applications.  From pre-planning consultations, house design and layout, site surveying and testing to submitting the application for approval to the Local Authority, our clients enjoy a personal and professional service.

Contact our offices today to arrange a pre-planning consultation.

Extensions & Renovations:

In the current difficult economic times, many people are opting to renovate and/or extending their existing home, in order to fully maximise its potential

Padraic Hession & Associates can provide our clients with our expertise in relation to what kind of alterations are possible and what will require planning permission. Should planning permission be required, we can prepare and submit this quickly and easily.

Once planning permission has been successfully obtained, we will supervise the construction of the extension, carrying out thorough inspections during construction phase and providing all the back up and technical know-how required

Supervision of Construction:

Once planning permission is received for a dwelling house or housing development it is essential to have an Engineer oversee the construction phase, to ensure that all aspects relating to planning permission and building regulations are strictly adhered to.

Padraic Hession & Associates offers the following services to our clients during the construction phase of a project:

  1. Design, detail, inspection and certification of Foundations
  2. Provision of detailed construction drawings showing general compliance with all aspects of the building regulations, e.g. ventilation, insulation, fire safety and structures.
  3. Inspections at various stages during construction.
  4. Provision of stage payment certificates to lending institutions.
  5. Provision of final certification on completion.

In addition to the above services, our experienced Engineers will be available to our clients at any stage during the project to assist with any questions or problems which may arise.

Residential Developments:

We provide Engineering Services for large scale housing developments in both the pre- and post-planning stages, working closely with the Project Architect, Planning Consultant and other Design Team Members

Our expertise extends to site surveying using state of the art technology, design and layout of Civil Engineering works, including roads, sewers and services, while liaising closely with Local Authorities

Our most recent Residential development consisted of 61 dwelling houses at Mayfields, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. See our Projects section for more information.

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